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Good Night Wishes

Welcome to sweet dreams airlines,
all passengers on bed be ready as the flight will be leaving soon to dreamlands.
Close Ur eyes to takeoff… Good Night and happy journey…

Night is not only for sleep.
It’s to forget today’s sorrow,
to dream today’s joy ness
& to receive tomorrow’s happenings.
So, sleep well… Good Night


Greetings and Wishes

I Wish for u;
Great start for Monday
No Obstacles for Tuesday
No Stress for Wednesday
No Worry for Thursday
Smile for Friday
Party for Saturday
Great Fun for Sunday
Have a beautiful week


Just for Fun… LOL !

Tragedy of moon:
So simple but so attractive
So enlightening but so cool
So moving but so still
So quiet but so popular
So romantic BUT ALWAYS SINGLE..!!

Mr. Bean: – Hey, why have you lighted the candle?
Sardar: – Power cut
Mr. Bean: h! Then at least switch on the fan
Sardar: – you fool then the candle will turn off

We all spend so much money for buying clothes
but d best moments of life r enjoyed without clothes…
That’s life..! Keep rocking…


aka.. ONLY for ADULTS !!

What is the difference between secretary & private secretary?
Awns: – secretary says GOOD MORNING SIR & private secretary says ITS MORNING SIR.

Medical Students Final yr. Question Paper:-
Fill in the blanks:- 1. if a girl faints, you must first check her p_ _ s_
Only those students, who wrote PULSE, passed!