Home Made Beauty Tips

Home Made Beauty Tips & Makeup Technique

These are Simple and easy Home Made Beauty Tips and Makeup Technique which you can try in your home !

Home Made Beauty Tips

  • Dip cotton in milk, massage it on your face ; it act as good cleanser.
  • Apply Spikenard (Jatamamsi) to your face at night and clean it at morning ; you will get golden complexion to your face.
  • Mix Milk Cream and Turmeric ; Apply that paste on your face. you will make to glow your face !
  • Mix Lemon juice , Honey and Turmeric ; Apply that paste on your face and see your bright face in mirror.
  • Mix Basin, milk, banana and honey ; Apply it on your face. this is a very good face glowing tip.
  • Mix Glisarin, Rose Water and Lemon juice equally and then apply it on your face. keep it for 15 minutes. you will see a drastic change on your face with in 1 month.

Makeup Application Technique

Even though makeup experts hail concealer as being one of the most essential beauty cosmetics for all women, few women actually use it. It’s such an important cosmetic, some experts even skip foundation altogether and simply use concealer to even out skin tone, hide blemishes or acne or cover up other common face flaws like under eye circles and scars.

When questioned about why they forgot this beauty product, most women claim they skip it because they aren’t sure how to apply it properly. However, it’s just too great of a product to pass up completely. Instead of tossing it aside because you aren’t sure of the correct application process, use these tips to help you master the technique of applying concealer!

* Home Made Beauty Tips and Makeup Technique

Find The Right Shade Of Concealer

The first step to using concealer properly is to find the right shade for your skin tone. If you can find the best shade and learn how to blend it properly, you’ll get a flawless look. When looking at concealers, it’s best to find a brand you can test out before you buy it. Test the color on your neck, below your ear. The color should be a little lighter than your foundation. If you visit mall makeup counters, you can always have the makeup experts at the counter help you with the color selection process. Most of the time if you’re unsatisfied with the color they will replace it for no charge.

Don’t forget that if your skin tone chances in the summer (due to sun exposure or tanning) be sure to change your concealer’s color during these months.

Not only should you focus on the color of concealer, but choosing a quality brand is important. Some beauty products you can afford to scrimp on but concealer is one you might want to splurge a bit on. Look for dermatologist tested formulas without any fragrance in them. If you are looking for a good quality product that won’t break the bank you can always try Maybelline or Revlon formulas.

Applying Concealer

Remember, concealer works best when you use sheer layers and build them up gradually to get the look you need. Start by dotting the concealer under your eye areas, on a blemish, on a tattoo or wherever coverage is needed. Use the pad of your ring finger to tap it into the skin. Never rub the concealer into the skin because it won’t give you the best results.In addition, when working around your eye areas be sure to always use soft, tapping motions with your ring finger because the skin around the eyes is so delicate if you apply more pressure you might damage it. The ring finger is often the weakest finger, which is why you should use it for soft motions. If you don’t get the results you want after this first application, repeat the process building another layer of concealer over the first one you’ve already applied.When you have the look you desire, simply dust a fine loose powder over your face to set the makeup. Use a round fluffy brush to apply the loose powder, for best results. You really won’t need any other makeup tools, other than the brush.
Once you know how to properly apply concealer, you will gain the information to create a flawless look every day. You will no longer need to worry about dark under eye circles, acne, scars or other blemishes on your face.

* Home Made Beauty Tips and Makeup Technique