Check Out Your New Friends

When people first meet each other, it is natural to put up a façade or barrier that idealizes who the person truly is.  There are many motivations for this type of behavior, ranging from trying to impress a potential lover to trying to hide a checkered past.

There are those who enjoy running in social circles outside their own, trying to look and act the part to gain acceptance. Many will pretend to be someone they are not, or will make others believe they possess more riches than they really do. Others possess such riches, but are secretly on the verge of losing everything.

A few are even on the run – from an ex-wife, from the law, or from debt collectors.

Knowledge about your new friends is power

Whenever you become involved with someone new, you should know everything you can about your new friend. If something in his or her past will place you in harm’s way, you need to protect yourself.  If your new friend is a thief, you need to know that as well.

There are many ways to discover the real story behind your friend’s mask. Talking to mutual friends may help some, or you can run your friend’s name through the Internet and hope you get a hit. You can try to search the mounds of public records available for your viewing.

Or you can find one resource that will do it all for you.

For example, Net Detective can help you find out who your friends really are – and what they have been doing – through an enormous database that contains millions of records. Find out where your friends were born, who they were married to, where they have lived, and if they spent any time in jail.

Conveniently verify the truth behind their stories

You can find a great wealth of personal, relevant information through publicly accessible records – but physically conducting this research is difficult and time-consuming.

However, services such as Net Detective make your research easy by providing access to their enormous database.  With information on over 90% of the residents in the United States, you can delve into the private lives of your new friends.  Find out who has something worth hiding, and who is just acting – or overreacting.

Find addresses, listed and unlisted phone numbers, and even e-mail addresses. Some of the information you can find in Net Detective’s database cannot be found anywhere else, giving you an exclusive edge when piecing together a profile on one of your new friends.